Friday, June 4, 2010

I've Been Framed!

Please raise your hand if you have a T.V. mounted above your fireplace.Wow, you can really tell I'm a teacher from that last statement. I must miss being in the classroom too much :). Well, as I'm thinking up inspirations for the fireplace it occurred to me that my T.V. looks a little too....T.V. ish. I couldn't help but wonder if anyone out there thought that maybe theirs did too. How many ways are there to hide a T.V.? Too many, and most of them look too hard or expensive for me to pull off. However, I did find a clever disguise: TV frames!

This beauty is from Pottery Barn. This means that I'm not even going to look at how much it costs. I'm just going to gaze at it and figure out how to do it myself for cheap. Go ahead and scroll back up and just gaze at it. You know you want to.

I like the way that this one matches the console below it. It has a simple, modern shape, but is probably too modern for my space.

I rather enjoy looking at this white frame, especially since it looks like a work of art. The owner is playing a DVD of various paintings which change every few minutes, sort of like a digital picture frame. I love that idea! I can change my art as often as I like with the push of a button!

Ahhh....TV frames. Sophisticated, practical, stylish......easy? We shall see.


  1. I think that is a great idea! The only problem you may run into is if you need to tilt your t.v. I'm not sure how it would look if the frame was not flush with the wall (if that makes sense). You probably could come up with someway to disguise the tilt though. Also, Matt has always admired your front room rug ;)

  2. I like your floor rug. It's really fun. Oh, I added your blog to my blog roll.