Thursday, June 3, 2010

Cutting a Rug

In my last post, I mentioned that I may replace the area rug in the living room with something less....busy. I love the multicolored squares, don't get me wrong. But since buying it I have noticed that it constantly draws eyes to the floor and I would like people to look up and around the room. I have also learned that it is very difficult to accessorize, because everything competes with the rug. So, I think I would love the rug....just in another room.

That being said, I would like to pick out a new rug for the living room; a neutral one.

The rules:
I will not spend over 150 bucks (before tax)
It must be at least 10 ft long (width can vary)
It must be neutral/natural
I would like for it to be soft
It must be puppy friendly (meaning I can clean it know)
Egeby from Ikea- 149.00
Tarnby from Ikea: 149.00

Mohawk Home Apple Butter and Ivory Rug from Lowes: 148.00

The beef I have with the Ikea rugs is that I don't think they would be easy to clean know....happens. I have to admit my favorite is the first one from Lowes....and it is a whole dollar less than the others. But, it doesn't have as much texture. (Sigh....)
What do you think? Have you seen any awesome rugs out there? Share your wisdom!

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