Saturday, November 3, 2012

Moody blues

I would like to start this post off by saying that I used to hate blue. I had nothing blue, I wanted nothing blue. But then, one day, I loved blue. And you can too. Okay, I'm going to stop sounding like Dr. Seuss did an infomercial, and get on with this post.

One place blue has paraded itself around in my home is upon the walls of my living room. It's dramatic; it's bold; it's teal. You may also notice another color love going on in there. Gold baby! Teal and gold were just made for each other. I hope they never break up. Here are some pictures, showing how much things have changed, if my words have not sufficed.
I have also been pleasantly surprised that all of the other colors I love to accessorize with like red, orange, yellow, and green, successfully and peacefully co-exist with the teal. It almost becomes a neutral, without being boring. Did it shrink the room being so dark? Yes. Am I okay with that? Yes. It needed to be more cozy in my opinion, and because of the ceiling height, and the white painted below the chair rail, it works. Trust me, I live here.

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