Saturday, November 3, 2012

Chalk it up!

It's been some time since I last posted. But I am back with some pictures from around my home. Honestly, looking back at the original posts I've made on this blog, a style evolution has taken place. Dark, moody colors are in, at least with me, and gold has also been something I've fallen back in love with. So, here we are. Let's start in the dining area, turned office. I have been inspired over the past year with chalkboard paint. I love black. I love chalkboards. Therefore, I love black chalkboard paint. I painted an accent wall in my dining room. I also love gallery walls. Everywhere. They are so random, which I also am, so I am attracted to it. The last inspiration photo was recent. I don't know if you have heard, but dining rooms are an endangered species. Lots of people are doing different things with that space. Some are turning them into libraries. Others, offices.

So here are some of the inspirations I have spied on various blogs:

And here are pictures of my current dining room/ office:

You can see my kitchen a little in the background of one of those pics. Don't judge! I know you have stacks of dishes and appliances too!

And you will also notice the cords on my desk are showing! Oh my goodness, lets not all pretend like we don't have cords. But I only have one or two, so it's okay.
I love my new droffice (dining room/ office). FYI, I just made that word up, and I say it as one word that flows together, not dr's office, even though it looks like that. It's droffice. Glad we're clear on that. I am sitting here right now, typing these very words.

Oh, another thing you may or may not have noticed is this:

Yes, behind this chalkboard is my trusty air conditioning unit. And below it is the air return vent, which I painted with chalkboard paint to camouflage.

This was the before shot (We took these when we moved in. BTW.)

I know you do not blame me for being tired of looking at that oddly placed half door/ vent combo. Yup. Weird.

I just got some mdf cut the same size as the door, primed it, painted it, took the door off, put it in there, and voila.
Chalk it up to a little DIY. Pun intended.

That's the current droffice.

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