Saturday, November 27, 2010

Bedroom Blues

For about a year now I have been stuck in on my master bedroom. There were a few items that had me perplexed: my chocolate brown headboard (made from a door), the beige striped curtains, and confusion about what color I want the comforter to be. I will not show a before shot because, well, I couldn't bring myself to take one!
So, with my hubs gone to the Arkansas Razorbacks game all day, I decided to change he would jovially say, "Sometimes I go to sleep, and when I wake an entire room has been painted or changed." Yep....I'm like a Christmas Elf. And my house is the workshop...and...I guess Brandon is Santa...anyhoo... 

Here it is! Uh-oh...just noticed that the art above the bed is unevenly spaced. I will get right on that, but I don't feel like taking another picture. BTW I made that art from an Anno Inez curtain panel and three Tyglosa frames ($25 total for the project).

Sorry the curtains are all wrinkled, I just pulled them out of the closet and threw them up there to see if they would work....and they did!

Shh....don't tell, but the grey comforter is actually a full sized one from the extra bedroom. I just stretched it very tightly. I love how the grey works with the curtains. Also the headboard is not new, I just slipcovered the one we have. I love the fact that it is made from an antique door (an earlier DIY project), but it is just not working with my current decor and modern elements. I do not want to permanently cover it in case I change my style yet again, which is very likely :)

I had to try extremely hard not to be in this picture...all you can see is my holding up my phone...and believe me...that's all you need to see.
This lamp has made an appearance in every room in the house. There's just no place that doesn't look nice!

The only thing I didn't change was the wall color. I love the blue-green wall (I think it is Alpine Spruce by Valspar)! The bad news is right now this is now the only clean room in my house. I have been pulling stuff out of closets all day "organizing." But hey, I can now tell you where the lint roller and the glue gun are, along with many other fun items that have been as lost as the as the survivors of Oceanic flight 815 for many years! The good news is I don't have the bedroom blues any longer! The best part of this bedroom makeover is the fact that I spent $0. Everything I used was from another room in my house! Woo hoo. Shop the house people, shop the house! It is so much fun to discover a new way to use the things you already own to reinvent a room!

Friday, November 26, 2010

Look what I can do!

I have been contemplating the advantages of the Silhouette SD since I saw if a few months ago featured on The only thing that has really held me back is the fact that the software was not available for Mac users (Boooo)....until now! So today I downloaded the software free to see if I could figure it out. And I created a couple of things, including this piece (which I consider artwork)

I printed it out and showed it to my hubs and he actually looked impressed (which is a surprise since he knows how to use photoshop and create all kinds of amazing graphics). So, if you're interested in purchasing the Silhouette SD, I would recommend you go ahead and download the software. It is very user friendly and fun to use!

P.S. Thriftydecorchick is giving away a free Silhouette HD and is also offerring a sweet deal for purchasing one if you are interested.

 I created these two to put in my kitchen.

This one is in a frame in the living room for the holidays.

This one is also displayed in the living room.