Friday, June 4, 2010

Fired Up!

On my continued search for Living Room inspiration I am looking for ideas to refurbish my existing fireplace. It has always been my plan to build some type of surround to add architectural detail as well as minimize the brick; however, I've begun to play with the idea of painting the brick as well as add some sort of paneling above the fireplace to really push the envelope.

This is a photo consultation from The Lettered Cottage website. It has everything I want, except brick.

This is from BHG fireplace before and afters. I love the idea of adding seating on both sides of the fireplace. I currently have two Ikea Cabinets there, but if I ever decided to create a built in, I could easily relocate them. (I also love the rug in this room--- so natural and simple!)
This one is perhaps the most similar to my current fireplace. I love the detailed molding. It actually looks like something I could do myself. I also love the black painted brick.
So many inspirations, so many much time. I hope I can get this one checked off my list soon!

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