Thursday, May 27, 2010

Let's start living! (A look at my living room)

The fireplace mantle..... What can I say....I tried. Originally it was honey oak colored but I painted it white to match the Ikea cabinets that house T.V. components and knicknacks.

This is my couch area. As you can see, we like playing Wii....and I don't clean out my purse until it's too heavy to lift. Couch and tables are from Ivan Smith furniture. Throw pillows are from Ikea, Ross, TJ Maxx and Pier 1...and yes there are alot of them! Mirror is from target, frames are from TJ Maxx and the fabric is a curtain I cut up also from TJ Maxx. The empty frame should contain a "C", but I lost it :) The rug is a floor model from Paul Michael (incredible deal at $100---though I think it is too busy for the space). That wierd looking tray on the table is from goodwill. The black and white photos in the frames are from a local antique store.
This is the reading/grading papers area. The pictures on the shelf are made of fabric, a picture of sea turtles from a Life magazine, and a photo I took of some trash cans. The pillow is from Pier 1 and is the color inspiration for the room. The red chair is from Ivan Smith Furniture, the side table and ottoman are from Target, and the curtains I made all by myself. White candle holders and magazine box are from TJ Maxx and blinds are Levelor from Lowes.

Now that I've shown you the first window into my home...I've got to know...what do you think?
See if you can name my style....because I still haven't been able to.

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Taking the house in my own hands.

Hi friends, or soon to be ones! I'm Candi and I have a house which contains a computer, therefore I feel qualified to write about my house on my computer and tell you about all of the things I am doing. I've lived here over a year with my husband and he and I have taken on some projects and learned in the process how to manage conflict. This summer I will be blogging about things we have done and are now doing, and if I get some comments, I just might get addicted to this blogging thing!

My inspirations in DIY blogging are:

The Lettered Cottage
Centsational Girl
Thrifty Decor Chick

They are wonderful and I get so many ideas from them....maybe I can give them some ideas before it is all said and done!!! So...stay tuned.