Saturday, August 14, 2010

Color inspired: red, yellow, and brown

My best friend Alecia is getting married to my best friend Chris very soon. They recently bought a beautiful house which she moved into and has begun decorating. She has always loved bright blues, pinks, and greens but is now going for a less "juvenile" color scheme as she says, and transferring the bright colors to her classroom (I do that too). She has chosen some really beautiful colors and is now pondering how to renovate and accessorize. I was so inspired by her color scheme that I sat down and created a moodboard for her kitchen to help her visualize what some of those changes may look like before buying or nailing anything up! I used, a free moodboard creation website, that allows you to pull items from tons of stores. In the kitchen she has chosen a mushroom brown for the walls with a gold accent wall. She also wants to use red as an accent/accessory color. I think she has great taste, and it's important to have great taste in the kitchen!


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